I have asked Chris Quartermaine to do work for me dowsing 2 houses for the last 3 years. He is very polite, considerate, knowledgeable and reassuring.

It has been interesting to see the changes after his work. One of the properties is tenanted and we always do a check when a tenant is leaving  or troublesome, which they sometimes can be having 4 sharing. The effects are usually noticeable within approx 24 hours but come to the fore within a week.

In my own home we had a number of health and behavioural issues which have been dealt with. I have not said anything to anyone in the house so they can’t be influenced, but there is always changes for the better. I would recommend Chris without hesitation.  AR Chester


Chris has been a wonderful inspiration to me over the past few years. His attention to detail whilst carrying out his services is second to none. As we have been moving house quite a bit, I’ve used Chris a few times now to make sure the new atmosphere we inherit is free of past issues. He has always informed me of anything concerning and has been able to free the house of the problem. The result is that every new home we have is ready to start its new life with us afresh. SL Nottinghamshire